Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is in my closet?

A single baby sock
lies lost looking for its
long lost pair
boots stomped and disheveled
dresses from hide and go seek games
decorate the chaos

Attempts at organization
abandoned many times
categories discerning
just barely

Dry cleaning still in plastic bags
outdated suits
impulsive buys

What was I thinking
to relive those days of
sexy tops and stiletto heels
and gorgeous jackets
and gourmet meals?

Efficient clothing
to survive poor laundry care
no room for husband's clothes
Again, where is that other pair?

Items of occasion
Just in case, re-gifting stash

Clothes of casual
crammed elsewhere
an after thought

Items I can not part with
grandma's scarf
and countless graduation gowns

Wedding dress still with sand fall
sprinkling the floor like salt beneath my feet

Shoes I have fallen in and out of love with
and eyes of a child
peek behind
waiting to be found
sock still lost

in that unknown abyss
that speaks volumes
my closet

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